Worzel is a living human scarecrow that has several interchangeable heads that meet every scenario he ecnounters, these include:

  • A Rumney Head.
  • Drunken Head.
  • Mirakuru Head.
  • 'Dropsey' head.
  • Mario Balotelli head.
  • Handsome Head.
  • Prosecco Head.
  • Swan Whistlers Head.
  • Ventress Head.
  • Blaketon Head.
  • Columbian Cartel Head.
  • Martin Madrazo Head. 
  • Creepy Uncle Lester Head.

Worzel has been portrayed on television by Frank Atkinson in the 1953 series "Worzel Gummidge Turns Detective", Jon Pertwee in the Southern Television series of the late 1970s and early 1980s, and Bobby Davro in an episode of Sketch Pad.

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